Florida Tops the List of Business-Friendly Tax States

Florida’s tax climate is much more welcoming than those of neighboring states, Alabama and Georgia. The Tax Foundation recently released its “State Business Tax Climate Index,” and the Sunshine State outshined its neighbors. Ranking fifth in the U.S. for its overall tax system, Florida fared well in each of 5 major areas of state taxation.      Florida       Alabama      Georgia Overall Rank                                 … Continued

Florida Residents Benefit from Tax Cut Extension

Florida Among States with No Income Tax Florida is one of only seven states which do not tax residents’ income. Those states are: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington state, and Wyoming. Two additional states – New Hampshire and Tennessee – do not tax earnings, but do tax interest and dividend income. No State Income Tax, No Federal Deduction Taxpayers who itemize deductions, rather than claiming the standard deduction, can claim their state and local income tax as a … Continued